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Photo: Kirk Dickinson (Windsor This Week) 10/21/2012

About Me

I grew up in Rural Canada. I moved to Windsor in 2000.
During my time in Windsor, I have learned alot. When I lost my job and almost ended up homeless, I realized that I have been apathetic to those in need my entire life. I was determined to do something to help my community. But what?
Then I learned about Thanatos (of Vancouver, BC) and decided that the Real Life Superhero Movement was something I definitely wanted to be a part of.
In October of 2011, I put on the mask and started an adventure into a world that was foreign to me.
I have since fallen in love with the movement almost as much as I love Canada, and the City of Windsor.


Since 2011 I have been on the streets as often as I can helping whoever may need my help. I've definitely learned a lot about how people survive without a home, and I have made a lot of connections with other people who support what I do.
Ultimately, my goal is to form a TEAM of superheroes in Windsor, one that can address problems that plague our communities and our city.
I think as a group of heroes, we could educate kids on how to deal with bullies and how to help and be active members of their respective communities. We would promote unity in Windsor, and hopefully we can get the younger generation to seek out ways to improve their neighbourhoods and the lives of those who reside within them.

Trillium Guards of Ontario

In late 2011 I started the Trillium Guards of Ontario in the hopes of connecting all the heroes in my province so that we can combine our efforts and better share advice and information with one another.

Ultimately the TGO has been a huge success in terms of helping us all learn and communicate with each other. 
Please check out the TGO website at


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